Ultimate Guide to Finding the Right Actor for Your Film

August 20, 2018 -   Industry Tips
Finding the Right Actor for Your Film

There’s a reason we call directors filmmakers. It’s inside their minds that the film is first created before it hits our screen. But of course, we should not throw away the fact that they are not the only ones that make the film. There’s the screenwriter, the lighting director, the cinematographer, and of course, the actors.


Finding the actor perfect for a particular role is a crucial part of filmmaking. And you as the casting director are the one tasked to gather the best talents that will make the movie the wonder that it should be. It’s not as easy as it seems, though, considering the acting industry is like a whole sky of stars deserving to be seen and marveled at.

So how does a casting director choose the one? To help you out, here are some tips for finding the right actor for your film.

Casting 101: Tips for Finding the Right Actor for Your Film

Selecting a few out of a bunch is never an easy task, even in movie casting. Here are some must-remember pieces of advice to guide you.

1. Choose an actor that has a wide emotional range

A film needs more than just one emotion. No matter its length, may it be as short as the Oscar-nominated hundred-second-long film Fresh Guacamole (2012) or as long as the 857-hour film Logistics, every movie is expected to show more than just one type of emotion. So it is important that you hire an actor that is able to show a wide range of feelings and emotion and is effective enough in doing so that they are able to make the audience feel the same. Moreover, see if the actor can improvise.

Actor Leonardo De Caprio

2. Find an actor whose acting exudes authenticity

True enough, acting is all pretense, but the character an actor plays is someone that might have existed in the past, currently alive and breathing, or is someone the world is yet to know. Nevertheless, they are portraying a figure that isn’t entirely fictional and has experiences real people can relate to. So when looking for the perfect actor for a role, make it a point to look for someone who can breathe life into a character as realistically as possible. Is their acting convincing enough? Does the way they speak move you? Do their actions and gestures place you in the same “situation” their character is in?


3. Make sure the actor can take directions well

It isn’t all about talent. One of the most important tips for finding the right actor for your film is to make sure you look into their personality too. Hire someone whom you believe will listen to the director and can take directions properly. Look for an actor that can take on board constructive feedback and is willing to work on what they’re told they lack. This is to make sure their relationship with the filmmaker and everybody on the set remains harmonious.

Most importantly, cast someone who can give the performance people crave for. Not everybody knows the job description of a casting director, but what you do is just as important as everyone’s in the production team. Do not hesitate to give new talent equal opportunity to show what they’ve got, just like how you take the time to watch a seasoned actor act. Do your job like the whole movie depends on it.