Industry Advice: 5 Tips for Organizing Casting Calls

Working as a casting director, you’re probably more than familiar with how the casting process goes. But if you need some pieces of advice as you work on your next project, here are some tips for organizing casting calls.

Tips for Organizing Casting Calls

From bits on deciding on the right venue to choosing the best date to hold it, here are some helpful tips for organizing casting calls.

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1. Secure a good venue

When organizing a casting call, one of the first things you need to take care of is the venue. Much attention is paid to venue selection, as there are a lot of factors that have to be taken into consideration. One, you need to go with a place that is within your budget. Now this step could be hard because you don’t really know how much of the whole production budget would go to the casting part. But there are a lot of options waiting for you, so you just have to be wise and practical when making a decision.

2. Choose the best audition scenes for on-the-spot readings

Choose a scene that will get the best out of the actor. Have them read and act out a piece that will allow the talent to show their range of emotions. It shouldn’t be so long nor too short. You can choose a scene that involves a couple of actors to see how well they complement each other and how they look like on the screen together.

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3. Spread the word

Advertise the casting call. You can do this online through social media or website banners or post flyers to get the attention of more people. How wide the advertising is depends on the size of the production, but you can trust that there are a lot of platforms you can take advantage of to spread the word. Besides online advertising, print media advertising is one good option too. Seeking help from newspaper companies and community theaters would be a good move.

4. Provide information sheets

Prepare information sheets for the actors who made the cut. Make sure you’ve already decided on the schedule for rehearsals and production and include them in the sheet too. This is so the actors can make sure that there won’t be any schedule overlap and the filming can continue without any problem. Additionally, it’s highly advisable you distribute a separate sheet for actors to fill in their contact information and other details you will need.

Organizing casting calls can be difficult and can take a toll even on those who have been doing it for so long. But just follow these tips and give the task before you the full attention it needs, the whole process will go as smoothly as you hope it will.