How to Find Fresh New Faces in Today’s World

The entertainment industry is one that welcomes a new face every second. Every day, in every movie and show that invades the screen, a star is born. With this comes the fact the competition is high, making it one of the most competitive industries there is.

As a casting director, it’s your job to find someone who will stand out in the role they are to portray. When looking for a talent for a shampoo commercial, you have to look past one’s hair. Convincing people to purchase the product requires more than just long, shiny locks, after all.

Casting can be draining, psychologically and emotionally, but today’s world has provided a lot of platforms where casting directors, agents, and talents can find each other. The rise of the Internet has revolutionized the casting process. It has helped major industry players find new faces that helped them make their projects the revelation that they are.

Ways Technology Is Revolutionizing the Casting Process

The Internet isn’t just for meeting new friends, it’s for working your way to stardom too. And for casting directors like you, it’s for discovering fresh faces with unique personalities you can hire for your next project. Here are the ways technology is revolutionizing the casting process.

Social media

Social Media

If there’s anything about the new times that has been a great help in connecting people, that would be the Internet and social media. It’s true, this side of the Web has its downsides, but it has also helped bridge gaps, unite diverse groups, reconnect lost and severed ties, and build relationships.

For aspiring actors, it is on social networking sites that they share just about everything. From photos and videos to random thoughts, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram have seen these people’s lives unfold. As a casting director or agent, it is your job to seek new faces that will suit a certain role. Holding auditions remains the best way to get the task done, but you don’t have to limit your choices to those who walk into the audition room.

Take advantage of the world of social media. A lot of new talents these sites to reach a wider audience. Be a part of their crowd audience and you might just find the next big star that will make the project you are working on the talk of the town.

Online media distribution platforms


YouTube has done more than just entertain people through funny and informative clips. Some casting directors and agents credit the site for helping them discover today’s biggest stars.

Ever since it was founded in 2005, YouTube has grown to become the biggest video-sharing platform ever. If before, we could only rely on television and theaters to give us a good laugh, now we have YouTube. The site allows us to share videos we believe are entertaining to the rest of the world. Everyone can now watch an artist’s music video without turning their TV on or watch movie trailers without going to the cinema. Taking advantage of the site, some aspiring talents turn to YouTube to share videos of them singing, dancing, or acting in hopes of attracting casting directors and agents.

Mobile applications

Actors Apply App

While most social networking sites come with a free mobile applications too, there are apps that specifically cater to the needs of aspiring actors.

One good example is the Actors Apply, the app where talents and casting directors meet. The app has information on latest auditions, the location and requirements, how to apply, etc. These applications connect industry players and break the barriers that hinder them from working together, like distance and language. With these phone apps, a few taps will get you closer to the talent you’ve been looking for and them to you.

Demo reels

Demo Reel

Demo reels are probably one of the best ways technology is revolutionizing the casting process. As mentioned, one of the major obstacles aspiring actors and casting directors face is the fact that sometimes, they’re from different sides of the world. As a casting director, you organize auditions and conduct interviews. Before you are talents looking to break into the industry. Outside the interview room, however, is a whole big world full of equally, if not more, talented actors that would have been the perfect fit but just couldn’t be in the same room with you.

This is when demo reels come into the picture. With the help of a camera and the ever-helpful email service, talents from all around the world can flaunt what they’ve got, without worrying about having to fly across continents. And you can just look at their videos and decide if they’re worth hiring.

Online casting service

Online Casting

Another one of the best ways to discover new talents is by signing up to online casting services. It’s where talents find casting opportunities and where casting directors like you can find the best person for that acting job. And it’s very convenient too. A talent just uploads their portfolio, gets matched to a role, a casting then director looks at their details, and their journey together starts from there. There are a lot of reliable casting in existence. Slowly rising to prominence is offers free casting service to casting directors, agents, and talents who want to make a name in the industry. It is also easy to navigate. To get started, you just have to fill out an online form. Casting directors post about their upcoming projects, which talents can look into and apply for, if they believe they have what it takes.