Is there a fee for these services?

All services are free.

How do I sign up for an account?

Just click here and begin filling out the online form.

What is Verification?

After the first project you post, one of our agents will be contacting you by phone to ask you a few simple questions about your project and your company. After this you will be sent a copy of our Terms and Conditions to read over and reply back if you are in agreement. This will only happen the first time you post with us. This is a policy we have in place to make sure all the casting directors working with us are legitimate. We want to make sure our talent is never in a bad situation, which we could have prevented. We thank you in advance for your patience and understanding during this process.

How do I contact the talent?

Once your project is active on the site, you will need to create what we call a Like It list for each role. Simply put, this is a list of all the talent you would like to see audition for a certain role. Once you have browsed the talent and selected one for your Like It list, you will then send a bulk invitation to each one of these role’s Like It list. This invitation should include exactly how you would like the talent to contact you. Whether you prefer talent to reach you by email or phone, or if you need them to submit headshots or reels, this information should all be in the invite. Once this invite is approved and sent, you should expect submission after around 24 hours.

Is there a way I can Add All to a Like It list?

There is currently no way to achieve this on the site, but you can always give our booking department a call, and one of our associates can take care this for you. Our booking department can be reached at 424-781-1200.

What does it mean if a talent submits to my project?

This means the talent has read your casting notice and would like to be considered for a certain role. Once they submit, their profile will then go to your Submissions tab for that character. From there, you can decide whether you would like to add them to your Like It list or not.

My Submissions tab says a talent has submitted to my project, but I cannot see them. Why is this?

By default, the filters you choose when creating the project are applied here. If you do not see the talent, it is because they do not meet the specifications of the project. If you would still like to see the talent, all you need to do is clear the filters and you will see all the talent that submitted.

Why was my project Active but has now gone Non-Active?

Every time you edit the details of your project, it will fall back into a Non-Active state. This is for us to check the information before it goes public and our talent can see it. Usually this process only takes an hour or so. However, if you would like to expedite the approval process, you can always give us a call at 424-781-1200.