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Casting Director David Rubin Elected President of the Motion Picture Academy

August 19, 2019 -   -   Casting Directors

For the first time in its history, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences elects a casting director to be its 35th president. With over a hundred film credits under his name, Emmy-winning David Rubin replaces former Academy president John Bailey. He’s now charged with helping to lead the film industry’s most prestigious institution through Read More...

Finding the Best Talent for Productions with a Tight Budget?

August 12, 2019 -   -   Industry Tips

Casting for a film is no simple task, even if the production has a studio backing it up. How about casting for a film with a tight budget? It’s not impossible. Like the many independent filmmakers who have gone here before you, finding the best talent even on a tight budget can be done. You Read More...

How Do You Cast Actors in Your Independent Films?

July 25, 2019 -   -   Industry Tips

We can read your mind out loud: “Auditions!” But if you’ve actually been through the entire casting process at some point, then you probably realized that finding the right actors for independent films is always easier said than done. Even the most experienced casting directors endure a hectic schedule just to ensure the right faces Read More...

Questions Casting Directors Should Ask in Auditions

May 16, 2019 -   -   Industry Tips
Casting Directors Should Ask

Is it even necessary for casting directors to interview auditionees aside from plainly letting them show off their acting chops? The answer is absolutely. Sadly, many casting directors overlook this and learn its importance the hard way. Regardless of any skill the auditionee has (or not), work ethic and attitude remain at the top of Read More...

What Are Casting Assistants and What Do They Do?

May 2, 2019 -   -   Casting Directors
Casting Assistants

In larger productions, where the casting process is too much for one person to handle, casting assistants are typically hired to assist the casting directors in the selection of actors, singers, dancers, or models for movies, commercials, musicals, and stage or screen productions. Casting assistants also provide general running duties in the office, including answering phones, sending Read More...

What Casting Directors Look For in an Actor

April 25, 2019 -   -   Industry Tips
What Casting Directors Look For

When you didn’t get the part, we’re sure your friends told you that it wasn’t because your acting wasn’t good enough. This actually rings true from a casting director’s perspective. Many factors are taken into consideration during the casting process. Plain skill isn’t the only/main quality that they note down during auditions. Largely depending on Read More...

The Responsibilities of a Casting Director

February 11, 2019 -   -   Casting Directors
Casting Director

If you’ve always thought a casting director’s job is pretty easy, think again. If it was, there wouldn’t even be a need for a separate professional (and sometimes an assistant) responsible for casting in the first place. A casting director’s responsibilities extend beyond contacting actors and holding auditions. The Many Duties of a Casting Director The Read More...