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We're here to make the casting and audition process easier and more fun, as we believe that's how it should be.

The casting process used to be long, time-consuming, and mentally exhausting. But advances in technology have revolutionized the way things are done and takes advantage of that all in hopes of providing a better platform for directors who are seeking the best talents for their next project.

With a modern and easy-to-work-with interface, serves as the perfect platform casting directors can use as they select the best talent for a certain role. We offer you help as you go through the entire online casting procedure, from the shortlisting to briefing agents and talents, complete with the best tools directors can use, all that done without compromising quality and effectivity.

Aspiring talent is provided with promotional tools too that they can make use of to get their name to stand out and book their dream role. is designed to be an easy-to-navigate and user-friendly website for casting directors, agents, and actors

Utilizing the latest features of cloud-based technology, makes sure your auditions and projects are stored properly, optimized, and shared with anyone to reach a wider audience of aspiring talent. We also see to it that any piece of information about the projects can be viewed on all devices, anytime, anywhere, and in the most effective way possible. is run by a team that knows the ins and outs of the entertainment industry

Having been in the industry for decades, we at know how casting goes and everything that comes with it. We also know that it is nowhere near safe from challenges. But with our leading-edge online casting materials, creative services, and marketing tools, it's our goal to make the experience better for casting directors seeking the best names for their projects and talents waiting for their big break.

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“Got a part in a film within a week I signed up with on a Tuesday, had an audition on Friday and a part in a non-SAG film the following Tuesday! Since then, I have been contacted for auditions on two new projects. I am so happy that I joined, and I look forward to a successful career in the entertainment industry.”
“Thank you for the job with Miller Lite! I just landed a job with Miller Lite. I am promoting approximately 10 hours a week and making around $400 weekly. Thanks again for the leads. By the way, this has not been the first job I have landed with your website. I look forward to more jobs. Deana Aburto, 281929 Los Angeles, CA.”
“Got first professional acting job within one day of signing up! I just wanted to say thank you so much to Auditions. You guys have been wonderful! I have been a member since October. Within one day of signing up, I got my first professional acting job in a theatre company outside of Washington, DC, called The Starving Artist Theatre, which made me eligible for an artist grant from the government!”
“Got selected as a principle actress rock video. Many thanks for the professional approach and connections at Auditions. I was a selected as a principle actress in the first rock video for a new young music star! Looking forward to more successes, together. Auditions is a great source of industry employment. Brooke-Marie Hawkins. ”
“I've submitted to many castings and was selected! I will have to compliment the professionalism and fast instantaneous service that has provided me. It is unlike any other service I've used with its caring staff and immediate help that I've received from customer service and its state-of-the-art web technology.”
“I got a role in an upcoming movie. It has been a great experience being with Auditions. Going in for an audition, competing amongst ourselves for role that best fits us, leaves you with a knot in your throat when you get a callback or a response telling you that you got a role in the movie. Which makes you know that you did an excellent job at what you went in for.”