How Exactly Do You Reach Out to Actors for Your Project?

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In the age of the internet, connecting with talents for auditions, collaborations, guestings, and offers is one search button away. However, getting a talented cast can be hard work for beginners, and as a casting director, the power to make or break a project lies in your hands. If your way of finding talents hasn’t worked well and there are still several roles that need to be filled, you may have not tried some of these ways. Here are the simplest ways to connect with potential talent.

Connecting with Talents: How Do You Reach Out to Actors?

Personal websites


If you’re looking for well-experienced actors with agents, the best way to start is by looking them up online and see whether they have an actor’s website. These acting websites are intended to showcase their  portfolio, updates, awards, and contact information for interested producers and casting directors to view. Other websites may have a contact form put up instead of contact information. Reaching them through the contact information or form is usually their most preferred way of being contacted. Ensure that your message is straightforward, professional, and personalized as these actors could be receiving a bulk of emails every day, mostly from fans. And as cynical as it sounds, many of these emails or messages are ignored, marked as spam, or deleted. 


Many actors turn to talent agents, whose job is to actively find work for them, for acting opportunities. On top of that, a talent agent also defends, supports, and promotes the interests of their actors. So if you have friends, colleagues, or classmates who have talent agents, you may ask them for the agency’s contact information to connect with them. You check with the agency for available actors by sending them your production’s casting breakdown. If an actor might be right for a role, their agent/manager will submit them to you for consideration. If you already have an actor in mind from the agency, you’ll have to get in touch with the agent or manager directly to schedule an audition. 

Social media


Because almost everyone is using social media to connect and advertise, posting auditions, making industry connections, contacting agents, meeting key people, and booking roles through social networking are now possible. It is changing the entertainment industry and creating new opportunities for filmmakers everywhere. Look up film schools, productions, local theater/film communities; follow their pages or join their groups; and browse their posts. There are also Facebook groups dedicated to casting calls, and most major cities have groups specifically for them. Creatives often advertise their work, shows, and film screenings there. Even film festivals offer filmmakers a chance to announce on social media when they still have a need for talents.

Many creatives also treat Instagram as a social media portfolio. As movie actors and TV stars compete for roles, the appetite for actors who can build a following of their own has never been greater. Look up hashtags, mutual follows, and posts of your filmmaker friends’ projects.


Have you networked within the industry enough? Being a casting director requires you to get out there and know people and their affiliations. Do not hesitate to follow and engage with local or international actors and filmmakers online. This will also serve as a good way to stay updated on projects and castable talents. Your filmmaker friends may be in the process of producing projects with interesting actors who could be perfect for your own project. They could be advertising a film screening, a film festival, an upcoming play, a web series, or a culminating performance that you could watch for yourself and check whether they have the actors you’re looking for. You may choose to introduce yourself in person and give them your business card or proceed with looking them up online and sending them an email or message.

Talent resource sites

The internet is indeed a great place to find talents who also need you. There are talented actors nearly everywhere online, and many of them are hungry for exposure, experience, and opportunities. There are several websites that function as job boards, which let you search for and find actors or notify you when there are any of them in your area. Actors that match the roles’ basic information, like gender and age range, will come into your inbox, and you can decide whether to invite them or not. Explore Talent is one such talent resource site with millions of available talents for you to choose from.


Schools that focus on the art of making plays and films continually produce performances or films and participate in events, and they’re always on the lookout for producers, filmmakers, and casting directors who can offer their students real-life opportunities, giving their institutions prestige in return. There are drama schools and film schools here and there that you may try inquiring. A single project you have with a student will surely turn in more valuable connections and talents.

You can even consider taking classes or workshops from these schools, but if you don’t want to, you may have friends or other connections studying there who can update you and help you connect with actors there.

Good luck!

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