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How to Organize Home-Based Auditions: Tips for Casting Directors

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Time was when producers of any movie or TV production held casting calls in various venues to hold auditions and hire potential actors and talents for their productions. Nowadays, however, with the invention of mobile digital technology and the Internet, the entertainment industry has coped up with the changes by making adjustments to its processes […]

What Are Casting Assistants For? Do You Need Them?

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In larger productions, where the casting process is too much for one person to handle, casting assistants are typically hired to assist the casting directors in the selection of actors, singers, dancers, or models for movies, commercials, musicals, and stage or screen productions. Casting assistants also provide general running duties in the office, including answering […]

How Exactly Do Casting Directors Cast a Film? Here’s a List of Their Responsibilities

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One primary thing can make or break a film: its cast. Improperly casting a film can be a disaster for a movie and cause embarrassment. So if you’ve always thought a casting director’s job is pretty easy, think again. If it was, there wouldn’t even be a need for a separate professional (and sometimes an […]